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Experts for 20 years

We are real freight experts and can help with any level of transportation & logistics solutions.

Customer support

Our phones are answered by dedicated individuals who are passionate about their work.

Empowering our team

Fostering a positive workplace culture is instrumental in delivering exceptional customer service.

Sustainable company

Prioritizing reduced emissions, adopting green practices, and minimizing our ecological footprint.

Providing logistical solutions to meet the diverse needs of today’s demanding business environment

With a track record spanning two decades, we have the expertise and experience to ensure your cargo reaches its destination safely and efficiently. Whether you’re shipping goods across the ocean, transporting goods by air, or managing complex logistics, you can trust us to deliver excellence every step of the way.

Atlantic Forwarding’s core competence has been to develop long-term business alliances with our clients by customizing distribution solutions that assist them in meeting their business objectives. We have enjoyed sustained growth mainly due to our reputation for quality and commitment to our customers.

Trust us to deliver excellence
every step of the way.

Airfreight Imports

Setting up and monitoring the Purchase Order and arranging the transport from your supplier through customs clearance in SA and includes final delivery to you.

Sea Freight Imports

The same process as Airfreight but catering for Full Container Load, (FCL), Less Than Container Load (LCL) and Break-Bulk consignments by sea.

Airfreight exports

We will work with you to the point of handover ensuring that you maintain a competitive edge in the market in terms of delivery time, landed cost, documentation and communication.

Sea Freight Exports

The same process as Airfreight but catering for all sea-freight modes, terms of delivery time, landed cost, documentation and communication.

International Trade Consulting

Analysis of freight files over many years has highlighted how often importers and exporters overlook the complex legal, risk, cost, and time related implications of moving cargo internationally. 

Estimating and Landed Costs

Our comprehensive estimating system enables you to trade knowing your costs in advance, and assist you to cost your landed items accurately as an extension of the customs clearance process.

Marine Insurance

Risks are part of the reality of international trade. Our Marine Insurance package ensures that cover attaches and remains in place to fully match the terms of the International Purchase or Sale contract agreed between you and your overseas trade partners.  Adequate cover is provided to protect you fully in the case of an insurance event. We also manage the administration in the event of a claim.

These CORE PRINCIPLES, which have been going strong for over 20 years, serve as the bedrock of our year-round commitment to nurturing our
corporate culture.

We are a team

We take immense pride in providing our staff with an exceptional employee experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Our commitment to nurturing a positive work environment, fostering professional growth, and valuing each team member’s contributions is the cornerstone of our success.

Providing outstanding service

Our focus is on the experience – for every customer, every shipment, consistently. Elevate each interaction to a level of exceptional assistance. We aim to convert clients into devoted enthusiasts, both among our internal team and our external partners.

Embrace change and envancement

We embrace change instead of clinging to familiar methods. Finding enthusiasm in the opportunities that come with change and progress. Stay adaptable.”

Honor commitments

Consistently follow through on our commitments, adhering to agreed-upon timelines and schedules. Keep the team informed and collaborate to set achievable deadlines.

Make a difference

Engage proactively in your community. Make a positive impact by dedicating your time, energy, and, when suitable, your financial resources to enhance your local environment. Whether it’s through collaborating with our national charitable organizations or supporting local initiatives, your actions can truly create change.”

Ethics and Integrity

Ethics and integrity form the bedrock of a company’s character. By prioritizing honesty, accountability, and responsible decision-making, a company cultivates a culture of trust. Upholding ethical standards not only safeguards reputation but also builds enduring relationships with stakeholders, fostering sustainable success.

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