Atlantic Forwarding has partnered up with Nucleus Supply Chain Management, a leading South African supply chain management group. We now also provide a high level of specialised services and skills to clients seeking world-class supply chain management solutions. Essentially, Atlantic Forwarding now integrates key logistical processes, such as transport, warehousing, inventory management and customer service, to reduce overall logistics costs. We also offers outsourced, turnkey or joint venture logistics management services.

Atlantic Forwarding is able to customise a distribution platform according to your specific requirements and distribution volumes, most importantly, implement and operate this plan, ensuring the benefits are fully realised

Atlantic Forwarding is able to achieve this by integrating the client’s needs and optimising the functions of the supply chain, leveraging any strategic opportunities. By optimising the entire supply chain, we can deliver savings on working and fixed capital, convert fixed overheads to variable costs, eliminate the risk of obsolete stock and reduce the cost of delivery

We are able to offer a fully integrated platform, along with a centralised point of contact for the customer, with the added unique responsibility of monitoring supply chain performance.

We also take operational responsibility and accountability for the ongoing implementation and management of solutions. Clients are freed to focus on their core business, devoting their resources to doing what they do best.