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Welcome to Atlantic Forwarding

Welcome and thank you for visiting our Website. Our aim is to provide you with a quality service whatever cargo you have to move globally. If there is anything you need, you can shortcut the process by clicking either of our names and we will respond to you as quickly as we possibly can. Lisa Fairbrother and Andrew Roberts (Partners)

Atlantic Forwarding's core competence has been to develop long-term business alliances with our clients by customizing distribution solutions that assist them in meeting their business objectives. We have enjoyed sustained growth mainly due to our reputation for quality and commitment to our customers.

In 2002, three companies operating in the Western Cape merged to form Atlantic Forwarding Cape (Pty) Ltd. This has enabled us to become a niche player in the logistics field, offering global import and export clearing and forwarding services as well as domestic and over border transport. The accent has always been on providing professional, but cost effective services by acting as an extension of the customer's management team.

What differentiates us from our competitors?
As an Atlantic customer, our sole objective is to assist you in landing your imports and exports timeously, cost effectively and with a minimum unplanned risks or events.

How will we achieve this?

  • By providing you with competitive services measured in terms of rates and costs.
  • By communicating closely with you, your suppliers/customers and other players in the logistics chain at all times
  • By implementing a set of quality standards that meet your expectations and by reviewing our performance against them regularly.
  • By reviewing your "4 key contracts in International Trade" and setting up policies and procedures that will ensure that the many pitfalls facing the importer and exporter are pre-empted.
  • By auditing every shipment file and reporting back to you on opportunities to improve efficiencies.
  • By working with you to eliminate weaknesses that are highlighted during the joint review process.
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Clearing Instructions
and their Ramifications
The Customs and Excise Act is abundantly clear, in Section 39(1)(c) that an importer's written clearing instructions should be produced at the time of clearing the cargo.

New to Imports
Understand the 4 key contracts in Buying or Selling internationally.
Go to our Resources Section to understand why the Purchase Order is the most critical document to Importers and Exporters

Baffled by the new Incoterms?
Are you still using outmoded terms like DDU when you should be using the term DAP?
Go to our Resources Section and learn all the latest changes to Incoterms and how they impact your risks and costs





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